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The Age of Experience: Always Improving
December 23, 2019

It’s not just fine wines that get better with age. We also are always improving — growing more confident over time, having met challenges and overcome them. Our decision-making gets easier. We develop coping mechanisms to handle stress. And we grow wiser. Our knowledge and experience accumulate as a strong…

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Savings Strategies for Travel, at Home or Abroad
December 16, 2019

Here’s an idea for restless young adults and adventurous retirees alike: Get paid to live in Italy. The region of Molise, east of Rome, has more than 100 underpopulated villages that are fading away due to migration to larger cities. These communities — some are walled, medieval towns set among…

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Companies Get Creative With Health Care Offerings
December 10, 2019

The Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment season has begun (Nov. 1 through Dec. 15) for people who do not have access to health insurance plans at work. For the 2020 plan year, 20 more insurers have entered the federal exchange market and the average premium dropped by 4% from last…

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Credit Cards: News, Trends and Tips
December 2, 2019

Sometimes it feels as though we don’t learn from our past financial mistakes. Back in 2008, as a contributor to the recession, consumer debt reached a record high of $12.68 trillion. As of the end of the second quarter in 2019, Americans surpassed that number by $1.2 trillion; we now…

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