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America’s Need for Better “Infloodstructure”
January 25, 2021

In February, Spirit Airlines decided to transfer a portion of its operations from Miramar, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee. The key driver of this decision was recurring hurricane and tropical storm risk. This means a loss of 240 jobs for the Panhandle area. By mid-September of the 2020 hurricane season, mainland…

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Small-Business Prospects and Prognostications
January 11, 2021

Small businesses tend to have certain traits that may offer an advantage over large companies. For example, these traits may include the flexibility to try out new ideas, staff up or down quickly, and adapt nimbly to a changing market. There may also be the indomitable spirit, determination, confidence and…

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Flight Industry in Trouble
January 5, 2021

The airline industry has been largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Secluding people in a conned space with limited air circulation for hours on end is not a great recipe for containing an airborne disease. However, airlines that have invested in protocols and protections to keep passengers safe are the…

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Troubled Mortgages
December 21, 2020

A lot of factors affect real estate prices, including interest rates, inventory, local foreclosure and short-sale rates, and even natural disasters. This year, as it was during the Great Recession, underwater mortgages and the potential foreclosure rate is a concern. Being “underwater” or “upside down” means that you owe more…

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