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What Women Need to Know About Social Security
May 6, 2019

You might imagine that the retirement planning process is about the same for everyone. But in reality, that’s not quite true. We all have unique circumstances (or hopes, or wishes), and our plans must accommodate those aspects of our visions for the future. Another major consideration is your gender. Retirement…

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5 Steps to A 401(k) Rollover
April 22, 2019

Whether you’re leaving your job, or on the verge of retirement, you might be wondering whether a 401(k) rollover is your next step. Due to fees, options, taxes, and other considerations, this choice can impact your overall retirement savings by thousands of dollars. So naturally, you want to research carefully…

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What are Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies?
April 15, 2019

Many people know that they need a life insurance policy, but either don’t want to fill out a long medical questionnaire, or don’t have the time. Perhaps they have some other reason for desiring a quick and simple approval and coverage. In those cases, a guaranteed life insurance policy often…

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Two-Earner Households Are Sometimes Less Prepared for Retirement
April 8, 2019

With regard to household incomes and the economy in general, we often hear the opinion that “it takes two incomes these days”. And in many situations, that is indeed true. Ironically, some statistics suggest that while dual-earner households might be making more money overall, they are often less prepared for…

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