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The Three Forms of Retirement Income
August 13, 2018

  When you’re planning for retirement, most people are typically looking at three forms of income. After all, we want you to be stable, so that you can really enjoy your retirement. Those forms of income are: Social Security. This, of course, is the federal program into which you have paid…

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3 Ways to Boost Your Social Security Benefits
August 6, 2018

Although Social Security was never intended to fully fund retirement, and was designed as an income supplement only, many retirees do draw a significant portion of their monthly income from the program. In fact, 62 percent of today’s retirees rely on Social Security to provide for at least half of…

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Guaranteed Income for Life: What Does That Mean?
July 23, 2018

Pension plans are becoming less common these days, but you can still create your own guaranteed income for life. When you hear that phrase, “guaranteed income for life”, you might wonder what it actually means. Simply put, it means that you can create your own pension plan using your own…

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6 Lesser-Known Social Security Facts You Should Know
July 16, 2018

We’re all counting on Social Security to be there when we need it. For most of us that time will be retirement, although some will need to claim Disability benefits sooner. But because Social Security is an enormous government program, with all the usual confusing rules and red tape that…

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