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What To Do With Your 401(k) When You Change Jobs
March 4, 2019

Your grandparents might have worked for the same company for thirty years, and then retired with a comfortable pension or retirement savings. Today, those situations are rare. Not only are pensions rare, with the burden of retirement preparations falling more on workers’ shoulders; most of us tend to change employers…

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A Basic Retirement Income Primer
February 23, 2019

Planning for retirement will require many years, and many decisions along the way. Sometimes you might even change your mind on a few of those choices, and that’s okay. There’s no way we can fit every consideration into a single blog, of course, but much of your planning will boil…

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5 Types of Tax Scams to Guard Against
February 18, 2019

Tax season is an especially busy time for accountants, but unfortunately, it’s also a prime time for con artists. Tax refunds are some of their favorite “meat”, and they’re out hunting! As you get ready to file your federal income tax return, be on guard against these five common tax…

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Should You Choose a Female Financial Advisor?
February 11, 2019

Recently, some information surfaced that I found interesting, as a female financial advisor. So naturally I wanted to share this perspective with my blog readers! I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting news about female investors versus male investors. And while it’s important to stress that both styles can be…

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