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6 Lesser-Known Social Security Facts You Should Know
July 16, 2018

We’re all counting on Social Security to be there when we need it. For most of us that time will be retirement, although some will need to claim Disability benefits sooner. But because Social Security is an enormous government program, with all the usual confusing rules and red tape that…

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The Many Benefits of Life Insurance
July 9, 2018

  Life insurance comes with many more benefits than you might think. In fact, it’s also for those who are still living! You might be surprised to learn that life insurance benefits can even be used to fund your retirement. For example, I’m currently paying premiums each month, for a …

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Approaching Retirement? Make Sure You Have These Conversations
July 2, 2018

Most people can’t wait to retire, so it can be tempting to hand in your resignation as soon as you turn 65 (or 62, or some other target age that you determined years ago). But since retirement affects all areas of your life, make sure you’ve had the following conversations…

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The Importance of Long Term Care Insurance
June 25, 2018

I understand the importance of long term care insurance all too well. Unfortunately, my own father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 59, and he had to stop working earlier than planned.  Eventually, he needed more intensive nursing care than my mom, my siblings, and I could provide. And so,…

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