Why Is It Important to Have a Trust?

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Why Is It Important to Have a Trust?

Posted by COTO Insurance & Financial Services
6 years ago | September 17, 2018

When I meet with a new client, a Trust is one of the first things we investigate together. If the clients have not already established a Trust, I advise them to do so right away.

Why is a Trust so important? Someday when you pass away, your estate will automatically pass through probate court. This is a process that happens to everyone, regardless of their situation, and it can be a nightmare for your heirs to navigate this legal process. Probate court is time consuming, it can be expensive, and there’s no way to know for sure that your wishes will be carried out exactly as you hoped.

During the retirement planning and estate planning processes, establishing a Trust is of utmost importance if you hope to spare your heirs this stress and trouble. If you’ve established a Trust, your assets pass straight to your beneficiaries, bypassing the probate process.

After your legacy plan is established, then we address topics like your risk tolerance and insuring your portfolio. Your situation is unique, so we want to make sure that we’ve addressed issues of inheritance first. Then, together we will decide how to best protect your assets and use them to generate your retirement income.

Give us a call, and we can explain more about Trusts and how they can protect your assets and your loved ones.


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